Daniella Witte

Already since a little girl has the great passion for building and creating atmospheric environments existed there naturally.

There is always a glow somewhere and drive in me and that never seems to end .

Constantly , I see potential in what surrounds me at the moment and a stimulating challenge is to succeed in creating an inspiring environment or still life of what is already available in my neighborhood. Nature inspires me a lot but also to find the right place for things that in the moment lacks identity. Often , the result of the very thing that we all want. Something new and unexpected that feels very appealing! 

For five years now I have in my job as an interior stylist become one with my camera. Call it my very best tools and use it in all my jobs with natural light. 

As much as I feel comfortable with working with both styling and photo of myself,  it is equally inspiring and pleasurable to work with a really talented and professional photographer in the studio .

I see my profession as a gift and am grateful for what each new day would have to bid on and customize me for it with a big dose of positive humility.

I'm offering a unique concept styling and interior design for companies with commercial purposes but also residential.


Very Welcome! 



Daniella Witte AB

Vinstorpsvägen 47

234 35 Lomma