Photo & Styling: Daniella Witte

Photo & Styling: Daniella Witte

Before I tell you about today's post I want to warmly welcome you to my new page. Than is there little left to fix with but I felt that I do not go live with it so it becomes lying for uncertain future .......... 
The purpose of my website is that I want everything under one roof. So now you can read the blog and contemporary looking into my shop or on the job I've done in my portfolio. Can say that there are many pictures that are on the waiting to be posted. But it will be soon, as I said. 

So for today's photography! A lot of news has come in to the store and after they have been unpacked once a week, so it was high time to take pictures to the web shop. First up is a fresh winter inspiring installation where they so fancy rugs from House Doctor at the center. Nice, right? 

They come in three sizes and falls inside the shop in the evening! 

Take care! / Daniella