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Photo: Daniella Witte

Photo: Daniella Witte

Today I celebrate Friday by telling you about a really funny novelty which was completed a while ago. Well, about a month, I will move my blog to no less than as in connection with it will also get a new and fresh website. Besides that I feel head over heels flattered that they just asked me, I feel in some strange ways already very at home and comfortable with the task. Femina's style and concept fits me perfectly and so it is simply. More about this coming soon!

Today shows my photos a glimpse of my new inspiration jobs that will be photographed next week. I always pick up some things to what we might call a mood board for myself to give me an idea of hat line I should follow in color and form. It also makes it easier when I'm out and collect props. This time it will be much of our lovely nature.

Happy Friday! / Daniella